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Lady Gaga Helped Raise $35 Million For Coronavirus Relief Efforts In Just One Week

It's amazing to see how people with power and influence can use that power and influence to truly make a huge difference in the world for the better. Lady Gaga is doing so to help combat the pandemic we are currently in.

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Lady Gaga just gave a speech revealing she teamed up with Global Citizen to raise $35 million for relief in seven days.

Instagram | @ladygaga

"We are all so very grateful to all the health care professionals across the country and around the world who are on the front lines during COVID-19," Gaga said in the speech.

"This global pandemic is a catastrophe. I'm so thankful for them and I‘m praying for those who are sick,"

Instagram | @ladygaga

"I would also like to send my prayers to those who are losing their jobs and having a hard time feeding themselves and their children," she continued.

"We are raising money for the World Health Organization COVID-19 Solidarity Fund."

Gaga then revealed they had already raised $35 million from what she referred to as her "corporate kindness list" — largely from tech companies and philanthropists making donations at her request, like Tim Cook, who just donated $10 million.

Gaga also revealed that she will be taking part in a special 'One World: Together At Home' featuring appearances from celebrities like Paul McCartney, Idris Elba, and David Beckham, as well as real doctors, nurses, and families.

Instagram | @ladygaga

"It has been an honor to help with this huge broadcast event…where we need to tell the stories and celebrate the front line community, health care workers and their acts of kindness," she said.

What an amazing move! Hopefully even more celebrities and companies get in on the action.