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You Can Buy Pac-Man Succulent Planters That Make The Cutest Windowsill Decoration

Do you ever just buy a planter because its ultra cute design is just calling your name? Absolutely guilty as charged here. I love plants, don't get me wrong, but I believe the plant finds the planter, and not necessarily the other way around.

This really happened to me. I bought a massive planter, just because I liked it, and now a monstera lives happily ever after in it.

I have a feeling these Pac-Man succulent planters have a very similar effect.

Is this not the cutest little lineup of succulents you ever did see?

Etsy | TinkerMakerAU

Even those who have never played the classic arcade game Pac-Man can appreciate how adorable these planters are.

Etsy shop TinkerMakerAu is selling the whole gang, including Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde, and of course, Pac-Man himself.

Etsy | TinkerMakerAU

Each character costs $12, and you can absolutely purchase the whole set, although it is currently sold out.

These are perfect for the gaming geek in your life to help make their work desk or bedroom windowsill a little more bright and fun.

Etsy | TinkerMakerAU

Who's your favorite Pac-Man character? Let us know!

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