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Clever Wall-Mounted Cabinets Make Your TV Look Like A Giant Nintendo Switch

I have to be honest, I'm pretty out of touch with the whole video game world. Don't get me wrong, I had a Game Boy and a Game Boy Advance growing up which, now that I think of it, I have no idea where they went off to...

Those have come and gone just as frosted tip hair and platform thong sandals have. But the Nintendo Switch seems to be a handheld system that is still going strong.

Game rooms are like the "mancaves," "she-sheds," and "we-sheds" for gamers.

I mean, most of us may not have a whole room decked out with every single gaming system you can imagine, but most gaming lovers dedicate some sort of space to their systems.

Some people might create a little space like this with posters and character figurines to put on display and tie the whole theme together.

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But, there's another idea that will definitely have you leveling up your game room.

No, this isn't a giant Nintendo Switch, which would actually be amazing.

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But it is close. These are wall mount cabinets that make your TV look like a giant Nintendo Switch.

These fun cabinets store all your games and movies while keeping your floors clutter-free. Or at least, you won't actually SEE the clutter.

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Both children and adults enjoy Nintendo Switches, which makes these wall mounts so great for game rooms or just for any ordinary TV for game-lovers.

You can find it for $223 on Etsy.

They really make your TV look like a giant version of the classic blue and red Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons.

What would be awesome is if the controllers actually worked!

If you're a master DIYer, you could always try to make your own.


Blogger suprman9 posted a detailed step-by-step tutorial on how they achieved their own hand-made Nintendo Switch TV frame.

It definitely takes a bit of work to create these, but the end result is really cool and definitely a conversation piece that will be remembered forever.


Don't be surprised when everyone wants to have game night at your place!