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Mailman Puts On A Different Costume Every Day To Lift His Community's Spirits

I don't need to tell you that we're in worrying times right now. The extent of how bad it is depends a lot on where you are, but there's really no place in the world that doesn't have at least some reason to stay vigilant.

And naturally, one of the hardest facts to deal with is the reality that there's no telling exactly how long we'll need to keep our guard up. And that can definitely weigh on us emotionally.

And while each of them have their own problems to deal with, that vibe hasn't gone unnoticed among those who make deliveries to our homes.

And that's why one British mailman has decided on a pretty unusual dress code lately.

Jon Matson of Sunderland, England is out every day delivering letters and packages for Royal Mail.

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This job has given him the opportunity to get to know his neighbors, so he quickly noticed how the U.K.'s COVID-19 lockdown was affecting them.

As he told ITV, "From doing my rounds every day I’ve got to know people well and I saw how their moods changed."

Over the years, Matson has also ended up with a lot of costumes in his possession from his participation in the annual South Shields Cancer Connections Boxing Day Dip.

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And since the mailman may be the only person some of the people on his route would see all day, he decided he would put on a few of these outfits to cheer them up.

At first, Matson's plan was to rock one of his special outfits a few times a week.

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However, his idea had a very positive reception both in his community and beyond, so he soon decided to wear a new costume every day instead.

To make this possible, he's been supplementing his collection with new outfits borrowed from his family members.

And he said the reactions he's seen have done a lot for his own well-being, too.

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As he told ITV:

"It's been fantastic. it's been so lovely to be able to bring a smile back to my customers' faces [...] Of course, as a key worker, I’m obviously worried about the coronavirus but that’s always in the back of mind but I have to keep it there and carry on. By doing this and seeing my customers [sic] smiles it's helping me to keep my spirits up too.

And while he's put smiles on faces across the world as word of his actions has spread, they've meant the most to his neighbors.

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One named Zoe Grant expressed how difficult locking down has been for her community, saying, "Most people now only have the postman and his outfits to put a little cheer in their day. He's doing an amazing job keeping community spirits high and bringing a smile to the people of Boldon."

h/t: ITV