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Legoland Has Released Free Activities For Kids To Do While They're Stuck At Home

While everyone is stuck at home with their children, it's hard to think of fun, mess-free activities to keep them occupied for a significant amount of time. However, Legoland is looking to help with that.

Legoland is offering free activities both online and for free printing, too.

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Some of these activities include videos that show kids how to build fun things like dogs, stars, and other shapes—all out of the Lego blocks you can find in your own home.

They also walk kids how to build things step-by-step.

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The videos will definitely fill some of that downtime you find during the day when you need a break and the kids need to keep their hands busy.

Even if you're not interested in the videos, they also have free printable activities for kids, too.

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Weekly, the company is offering an array of free printable items such as stories, worksheets, coloring pages, and more.

And, for those who need to restock on some Lego blocks...

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The company is offering free shipping on all items—which, is pretty nice considering everything is getting pretty pricey nowadays.

Thanks, Lego, for always keeping kids smiling!

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During these tough times, it's great to see a company who cares and wants their customers to be satisfied. Wonderful!

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