People Stuck At Home Are Posting Pics Of The Creative Projects They're Working On

So, what have you been up to in quarantine? Arts and crafts? Same.

With all this free time, many people have decided to take on some hobbies they had previously put off. Whether it's a fun activity or a creative project they've decided to take on, these people might hold the key to alleviating your boredom.

Some people are making custom Funko Pops!

How frickin' cool is this? Using a Princess Bride pop, paint, and clay, @faceofboaz made a Eowyn from Lord of the Rings Pop!

If you want instructions on how to make your own Funko Pop, follow this tutorial!

Others are learning to sew.

Reddit | KrishnasCanvas

One Reddit user, KrishnasCanvas has taken to making and embroidering shorts!

"I learned so much from my first pair, and I’m so happy with how much my second pair has improved! Excited to get more fabric and make more once I can actually leave my house again!"

Painting is always a great way to de-stress.

It's really fun to put paint to canvas and just see what happens. Bonus points: using a tiny canvas, like @slg.crafts and @la.loma_ did with this purple landscape fantasy!

Paper crafts are definitely on the rise.

Some enterprising (see what I did there) nerds have taken up paper crafting to recreate some of their favorite things from pop culture. This Star Trek phaser actually looks real!

Water colors are always a fun way to pass the time!

Using watercolors gives you a bit more room to make mistakes, which is great for beginners.

A fun thing to do with them is to draw outlines with a paint pen over your watercolor creations!

This person literally made a headboard.

Like...a whole headboard! Using cardboard! This is actually a pretty neat trick that you can learn how to do on YouTube.

I'd recommend Mr. Kate for hacks like this — she makes everything easy to follow!

There's never been a better time to experiment with makeup.

Especially blue eyeshadow, like @awholenewwitch on Instagram did! This sapphire look is everything.

Makeup is a great outlet for creativity, and it doesn't have to be expensive, either. With all the sales going on right now, there's definitely something for you to try!

Embroidery, but make it pop culture.

Some people have taken up embroidering their favorite characters and quotes, like this incredible piece of art from @wildflowerembroidery. As they wrote:

"The worst thing about quarantine is the dementors." Amen.

Of course there are those who are making masks...

And we salute them! These amazing masks were made by @jenontiveros on Instagram, and I seriously want one. Who wouldn't want a tropical, floral face mask?

Just because we're stuck in a weird world doesn't mean we can't get creative in it.

Some people are straight-up MAKING jewelry.

Uh, hi? This is so cool. On Instagram @thecraftmom used faux leather glitter sheets and her Cricut to make these geometric earrings.

Guys, who else really wants a Cricut to play with? I'm dying to get one.

Shrinky dinks are back, you guys.

And they're more creative than ever! We're in an age of total nostalgia right now, which makes shrinky dinks the perfect craft for you to do with your fri— well. With your friends over Zoom, maybe?

Others are picking up nail art.

Come through, plant-inspired manicure! Lots of people are mourning the lack of access to their nail artists, so they're picking the talent up for themselves. On Instagram, @aaustinmarie's manicure is a speckled delight.

(Even my mom ordered a UV lamp and gel nail kit. And you know what? She's not bad at it. You go, ma.)

Online shopping? Never heard of her.


Crafting is the way to go. This user on Reddit wanted a macrame curtain, but the prices online were over $400. So they went ahead and made their own! Why buy it when you can DIY it?

Some people are doing friendship bracelets!

This is SO CUTE. @theneonteaparty is offering friendship bracelet kits for you and your friends to do separately. When quarantine is lifted, you can all join together and swap yours!

$5 from every purchase will be matched and donated to @FreeArtsNYC!

This person is recreating iconic movie scenes.

This is so damn creative. @frau.dinkel decided to recreate iconic movie scenes, including this one from Halloween. She got it so close, right down to Jamie Lee Curtis' blue shirt!

Kids are getting hilariously creative.

What's a kid to do when they're stuck at home? Prank their parents, of course. Kids around the world have picked up on this prank, and I love them for it.

Bubbles are also an option.

Now this is an accessible level of creativity. If you're not a painter and not really into doing other crafts, may I suggest: giant bubbles. You know you're gonna have a good time with giant bubbles.

A cozy outdoor workspace is just a good idea.

Why work while stuck inside? If you have an outdoor space, make it nice and cozy. Bring in some pillows, a desk, and your favorite drink, and settle in (out) to work in nature!

Believe it or not, these aren't donuts.

I mean, some people definitely are making donuts. But these? Well, these donuts are actually soap. How fun would it be to make your own unique soap? Just...please don't leave it out without warning people it's soap, okay?

Chalk is having a major comeback.

What's there to do when you can't leave your yard? Kids (and definitely some adults) everywhere are turning to chalk to get their creativity out in a fun, colorful way.

Bar Corona? I can't say I hate this project.

Twitter | @JonnyWill25

Since all the bars and restaurants are closed, it seems like the perfect time to put in that home bar you've always wanted. That's what this Twitter user did at least. Cheers!

As for me? Well, I'm learning how to work with clay.

I got my inspiration from Diply Crafty (of course), and started messing around with oven-bake clay! I have now made three moon trays. My house is slowly filling with moon trays. Send help.