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Quotes To Give You Another Reason To Crack A Cold One This National Beer Day

Who doesn't remember the first time they tasted beer? Maybe it was sneaking a sip at a family BBQ, sharing a clandestine cold one behind the bleachers with your bestie, or — like me — it was sipping the froth off the top of your dad's brew.

No matter how you first tasted it, it likely sparked a lifelong love of beer. So, sit back this National Beer Day, crack a cold one, and enjoy these quotes that bless the brew.

It's true; beer does have medicinal properties.

Who needs allergy medication when there's beer? (Don't tell my doctor.)

It's reassuring to see that some people have their priorities straight.

I'm not sure if beer will help those lessons sink in, but I'd be willing to try.

It's important to do your part.

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I mean, those breweries aren't going to keep themselves in business. Just think of this as doing your part during the quarantine.

You've been told.

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I'm still technically running errands. Just maybe not the ones you had envisioned.