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Wrap Yourself In The Sweetest And Dreamiest Crochet Donut Blanket

There's truly nothing a good donut can't fix. Some people call a friend or their mom when they're in a bad mood, and some just binge Love Is Blind on Netflix or watch endless hours of Twilight cast interviews on YouTube. However, there is something far more powerful about a cloudy, fluffy, piece of lightly golden fried goodness topped with a magical glaze of sunshine and rainbows that Jessica and Mark and Jacob Black just can't touch.

So, just imagine wrapping yourself in a sweet dream of donuts at all hours of the day.

Etsy | TigardNeedlework

It's all thanks to the wonderful art that is crochet.

This blanket by Etsy shop TigardNeedlework has a host of deliciously iced donut granny squares.

Etsy | TigardNeedlework

For $6, you can make your very own!

The pattern creates 9 glorious donuts, but there's nothing stopping you from making it a bit bigger and creating a dozen.

If you're a crocheter, then you know granny squares are basically the crown jewel of crocheting.

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Usually they're made with some sort of floral design, but donuts just make the classic pattern that much better.

Find this super sweet pattern by AguirrePatterns for $10.

If you don't need no pattern, then fill up the trust granny squares with whatever donuts bring you the most joy in your life!

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Now, the questions is: how do you make a FILLED donut blanket...