Matthew Perry's Response To Coronavirus Is The Most Chandler Bing Thing Ever

Like any group of, you know, friends, the Friends cast has all had their own way of dealing with the current coronavirus pandemic that we're going through.

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Jennifer Aniston has been sharing emotional messages in support of everyone effected.

Instagram | @jenaniston

Like this post she shared to her Instagram story, where she urged people to "take it seriously so we can keep others healthy" and reminded everyone that "we need to work together."

Courteney Cox has gone in a slightly different direction.

Courteney (likely urged on by her daughter Coco) has taken a liking to the app TikTok, and has been posting her own takes on various dance trends from the app while quarantined.

And then there's Matthew Perry, whose own Instagram post is exactly what Chandler Bing would say.

He shared an image with the question we're all asking inside on it: "Could we BE in any more of a pandemic?"

Fans loved this message.

Instagram | @mattyperry4

"An icon really," one fan commented, while another stated, "Oh my God, I can hear this post."

Sometimes we just need something to break the tension and raise the levity in our lives, and Matthew definitely provided that!