16+ Seriously Cool Pics That Went Seriously Viral

There are millions of viral pics out there. But considering there have to be tens of billions of non-viral pics, the barrier for entry is still pretty high. Let's check out some of the stuff that's been popping off this week.

Check the serial number.

Reddit | RoosterBlues5

This stubby little gun, in an advanced state of decay, was discovered buried in a front yard. Murder weapon? Cap gun? Either way, it's probably not working anymore.

Cat for scale.

Reddit | Luciphyr729

Whenever I see art like this, I'm overwhelmed by the fact that some people possess literally ten billion times the artistic ability that I do. They carved this whole thing with a chainsaw.

Urban mountain.

Reddit | twoboxchedda

These are the nests of cliff swallows, little birds who like to hunker down on the sides of mountains. In urban settings, they have to find the next best thing to a mountain.


Reddit | Ellenwood1998

At first you might just see this as a dramatic pic of a lava field, and it definitely is. But if you look up, you'll also see the moon, the Milky Way and a meteor.


Reddit | Enzo_Gorlahh_mi

It's hard to get an idea of how large eagles are, because we usually see them at a distance. But this trailcam footage of a bald eagle staring down a grey wolf really shows how imposing these birds can be.


Reddit | H4voc_FuZn

Seals have pretty prominent whiskers, but they get that much more noticeable in chilly conditions. Thanks to the -14° F weather, the whiskers freeze up instantly when the seals come out of the water.


Reddit | MisterT12

Credit cards are an unexpected source of hilarity, especially when you can make your own designs. This person decided to buy into the Tiger King zeitgeist of early 2020.

Make everything like this.

Reddit | melisage

This electric kettle has a simple video game on its display. Since pretty much everything has a display screen nowadays, pretty much everything should have video games on it.

Another world.

Reddit | t-h-a-t-o-n-e-8-6

This looks like concept art of an icy planet, but it's a real photograph. You're looking at the Milky Way galaxy over the White Sands desert of New Mexico.

They don't make 'em like they used to.

Reddit | fylni

Modern subway stations are utilitarian in design. But this abandoned stop in New York, the City Hall station, shows just how ornate public transit was in the early 20th century.

Real life cartoon.

Reddit | BriticCitizen

Something about the low angle of the sun combined with the perfect placement of this car made its shadow look like something out of a Pixar movie.

Keep out.

Reddit | bongish

This is a lava formation in Hawaii. The glowing red hole is scary enough on its own, but I'm particularly unnerved by the fact that the cooled lava floes look like people.

Everyone needs a hobby.

Reddit | AmishAirline

This guy has a fairly extensive collection of ugly, damaged, misshapen golf balls. Why? I think the more important question is "Why not?"

That's the good stuff.

Reddit | nudistaband

If you live solely in the digital age, you probably aren't familiar with physical records in physical record stores. But if you are browsing, the Heavy Metal AF section is a good place to start.


Reddit | Nongfuspring07

Sometimes the stars align perfectly to give you something totally unique. Maybe it's a million dollars, or maybe it's a grease stain that looks exactly like Lionel Ritchie.

Great execution.

Reddit | sn0rk95

I'd imagine it's tough to make yourself look like you came out of a painting, and even tougher if the painting is abstract. But this woman nailed the look of Picasso's "A Woman With a Bird."

Mini ecosystem.

Reddit | macroshot

This is a random old window panel that's been discarded on a lawn. But it's managed to boost the grass underneath by acting as a sort of greenhouse.

Arizona's going to have to sue them.

Reddit | MisterT12

Those big tall cans of Arizona's iced green tea are pretty well iconic at this point. I wonder if this house is painted this color solely because of those cans.

Ink is really, really weird.

Reddit | Lastoneinfirstoneout

Ink — standard ink, the kind that you'll find in a ballpoint pen — has some weird properties when it spills. This is what it looks like in a can of white paint.

Throw it back!

Reddit | Gullex

This uncannily real-looking lobster is actually made up of 95 pieces of individual leather. It's a great option for people who want realistic looking lobsters in their home with none of the pinching.

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