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Bindi Irwin Chose Her Wedding Dress Because It 'Mimicked' The Dress Her Mom Wore To Marry Her Dad

The Irwins are probably my favorite family (aside from my own, of course. Hi Mom!) and it's for good reason: not only have they been through so much tragedy and come out stronger for it, they're also by all accounts wonderful people who are passionate about furthering Steve Irwin's legacy of animal conservation and awareness.

Bindi Irwin recently got married to her longtime boyfriend Chandler Powell.

The pictures are obviously gorgeous, and Bindi's dress is beautiful.

In a recent interview, Bindi has revealed the emotional reasoning behind why she chose the dress that she did.

"I wanted it to mimic my mum's dress," Bindi revealed.

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“I wanted something very similar because I’ve admired my mom’s dress since I was tiny,” she said. "When I was about 12 years old, I put on mum’s wedding dress and it was a really, really special."

"It’s over 50 years old because it’s been in the family for that long."

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However, due to the dress' age, it couldn't be tailored, and it didn't fit Bindi, so she had to go with the next best thing. You can see that her dress has the same floral lace on the sleeves as her mother's did.

Bindi said the dress "reminded me of my family and my dad."

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What a touching sentiment! We're all sure Steve would be incredibly proud of everything Bindi's accomplished in her life.

Congratulations to Bindi and Chandler!