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People Are Throwing Drive-By Baby Showers To Still Celebrate Baby-To-Be

If you're celebrating a birthday, getting married, or having a baby in the next few months, chances are that you join the many people who've had to cancel these events due to the many social distancing measures put in place in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, people have found many sweet and creative ways to not let the pandemic completely cancel their long-awaited events, like throwing online weddings and drive-by birthday parties.

People are also refusing to let the pandemic completely rain on expecting parents' baby showers.

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Taking after the drive-by birthday party trend, people are throwing drive-by baby showers.

While many events can be postponed to a later date, babies don't wait!

Guests are driving by the expecting parents' homes, exuberantly honking, and showing off signs with sweet messages for the couple.

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Cue the waterworks!

Some couples are also hosting socially distanced outdoor showers.

They're decorating their yard with baby shower decorations, and guests can drive by and leave the gifts they would have given, maybe even watching them open the gifts from afar like this couple did!

These may not be the classic baby showers couples envisioned for the milestone event, but they are certainly ones to be remembered forever.

Do you know anyone who's thrown a drive-by celebration? Let us know!

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