RumChata's Brightening Things Up With Their New Lemon Flavor

If you take a second to glance at your personal bar, you may spot a white bottle with the word "RumChata" on it. Everyone who has a bottle has no idea how it got there, but RumChata always finds a way into the home.

You might usually whip out the creamy Caribbean liqueur in the winter months, but they've found a way to sneak into spring and summer with their new lemon flavor.

If you never thought of purchasing a bottle of RumChata, you might want to think again.

Instagram | @rumchataofficial

That's because they just released a lemon flavor that will make spring and summer nights super cozy and indulgent.

RumChata Limón is a mixture of Caribbean rum and cream, swapping out the classic cinnamon flavor for vanilla and lemon.

Instagram | @pinkiesliquor

The 14% ABV liqueur ends up making for a sweet and zesty beverage that will brighten any treat.

In fact, the folks over at RumChata developed a host of recipes to try, such as a Lemon Cake Cocktail, a RumChata Limósa, and even a Lemon Latte Martini.


You can find the recipes on their website.

People have even been using the liqueur to create the most indulgent boozy treats.

Instagram | @nutmegtune

Instagrammer @nutmegtune created a RumChata Limón Banana Pudding Cheesecake that looks like something I would devour in one sitting.

The beverage is appropriately packaged in a bright yellow bottle with the unmistakable gold cap, so it will be hard to miss.

Instagram | @ladydi102

Look out for the new product in your local liquor store, or find it on Minibar and get it delivered to your home right now!