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Family Cat Tears Up Bedroom Wallpaper And Uncovers A Hidden Mural

Cats will be cats. I'm finding that out more and more every day since we now have a new feline friend that comes to visit us frequently. They have a mind of their own, don't they?

So when this lady's rambunctious kitten started ripping off her wallpaper in one of the bedrooms she didn't think much of it. Until she discovered something really cool, a hidden mural underneath it.

When Ceejae Jackman got her new kitten Zipper she realized he was full of energy.

He was always getting into all sorts of things he shouldn't be getting into.

That was exactly the case when he started ripping off the wallpaper in one of Ceejae's bedrooms.

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But this time his curiosity revealed something very unexpected — a secret mural underneath.

The family was really intrigued so they decided to uncover the entire mural and what they found was truly spectacular.

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The entire room was covered by the design and it looked amazing.

As the family was working on restoring the old mural, Zipper was eagerly watching and supervising the whole thing.

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And, all the while playing with the remnants of the wallpaper. Hee, hee!

Once the whole mural was fully revealed the family couldn't believe somebody would cover up something so beautiful.

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This is blowing me away.

They quickly set out to find out the artist who originally created this gorgeous piece of art.

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Through the power of social media, they found out the artist's name is Jody Bayles.

As you may have guessed, they're definitely keeping the mural now that it's been fatefully discovered by their curious feline, Zipper.

And they're so happy they found it!

Once the pictures were posted online, as with any cool story like this, the post went viral.

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Everybody started loving this amazing discovery and wishing they have found it.

Some people wondered how many owners the house might have had before this mural was discovered.

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It would be interesting to know how long it might've been hidden.

II bet next time somebody sees their cat scratching up their wallpaper they might think twice before they shoo it away.

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Ha, ha! Good kitty, good kitty. Go for it!

Have you ever found something unexpected in your house like a mural, secret room or something else?

I would love to hear all about it. This is an incredible find.

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