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Miley Cyrus And Cody Simpson Personally Donate 120 Meals To Healthcare Workers

While things can be tough and scary right now, there are still people out there doing what they can to help those who need it, including our hardworking healthcare workers who have been working tirelessly to take care of those of us who are sick.

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Miley Cyrus and her boyfriend Cody Simpson are doing what they can.

Instagram | @codysimpson

Miley has already teamed up with MAC Cosmetics to donate $10 million towards pandemic relief, which is no small number. Miley and Cody have also decided to help in a more local way as well.

Cody shared on his Instagram a huge delivery the couple made themselves to healthcare workers in their area.

Instagram | @codysimpson

"Tacos for the incredible healthcare workers at our local hospital!" Cody shared alongside a car trunk full of bags of food with supportive messages written on every single bag.

The bags read, "Thank you for your support and love. Stay strong!!!"

Instagram | @codysimpson

"So grateful for these true legends of our time dedicating their lives to battling this pandemic," Cody's Instagram caption continued. Cody also shared a shot of himself and Miley in medical masks posing with the bags of food.

"Show some love to yours in your community!"

Instagram | @codysimpson

Cody also shared a shot of a group of healthcare workers posing with the food after it had been delivered, and while they're all wearing masks, it's easy to tell that they're all smiles!

What an awesome gesture! Let's hope more people follow in their footsteps!