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6-Year-Old Boy With Cystic Fibrosis Beats Coronavirus: 'I'm A Warrior'

A 6-year-old boy from Tennessee with cystic fibrosis certainly has a lot to celebrate, as his family recently announced he successfully fought off the novel coronavirus.

Joseph Bostain tested positive for the disease on March 19 and was quickly quarantined in his family's Clarksville home, while his mom began sharing updates via social media on how her immuno-compromised son was faring against the virus.

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Sabrina Bostain first posted about Joseph's battle on March 19, the day he received his positive COVID-19 test.

Facebook | Sabrina Bostain

"He has had fever and cough and is tired," she wrote in the post. "He is immune compromised from his Cystic Fibrosis! Just say some prayers!"

That post quickly went viral, racking up hundreds of reactions and shares as more and more people heard about Joseph and his fight.

Throughout her son's battle with the virus, Sabrina continued to post updates so everyone could know how Joseph was faring.

Facebook | Sabrina Bostain

On March 21 she wrote,

"He still coughing really bad but no fever and no sore throat! He woke up smiling and ready to take on the day as usual! He is currently drawing and writing messages to his friends! Prayers are working! Thank you for all of the out pouring live and support! Stay well!"

On April 1, after nearly two weeks of battling the pneumonia-like disease, Sabrina reported that Joseph had finally beat it once and for all.

Facebook | Sabrina Bostain

In a video shared to his mom's Facebook, Joseph happily tells all his family, friends, and well-wishers the good news.

"Thank you for all the cards and the prayers and the gifts," he says while beaming proudly at the camera. "I'm a cystic fibrosis warrior and I beat Covid-19."

Just for good measure, he then flashes his bicep muscle so everyone knows just how strong he truly is.

The adorable clip has gone viral, with hundreds of people sharing it so that everyone might enjoy hearing some incredibly good news.

Facebook | Sabrina Bostain

In a separate post, Sabrina wrote to thank everyone who kept up with her son's battle against the coronavirus.

"Joseph is doing great! We still have a small cough and some minor stomach issues but overall we have a happy, hungry, active young man that feels 95 percent better!"

She added, "We will continue our quarantine here at home taking all the same precautions as we were even when our quarantine is up. I will continue to keep Joseph out of harm's way from the public for a time so I know that he will remain healthy!"

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