You Can Buy A Cheeky Apron To Accompany All The Baking You've Been Doing

Don't you find the amount of baked goods you make seems to correlate with how you're feeling? You'd partly be right! Baking and cooking are known to help make people feel a bit better and relieve stress.

Is there really anything more soothing than folding in some chocolate chips to cookie dough or mashing bananas for the tastiest bread?

Delish has the perfect kitchen accessory to go with all the baking you've been doing recently.


They're selling this super cute "Currently Stress Baking" apron for $25 from their online shop, and it couldn't be more perfect for the occasion.

This is a real life depiction of what you will look like wearing this apron.

What activities have you been doing recently to relieve stress? Let us know!

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