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'Rainbow' Eucalyptus Trees Reveal Vibrant Colors As Their Bark Sheds

You know Eucalyptus for its familiar, comforting scent. What you may not know is what one species of it has bark that literally looks like a rainbow!

It's called Eucalyptus deglupta, aka the rainbow Eucalyptus, and it's stunning.

Oh this? It's real.

Look at the striations up the bark! The colors are so bright and vibrant!

This particular species of Eucalyptus can be found in the Philippines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea... and America!

They're a little harder to find in America.

The places you'll have the most luck finding them are Hawaii and San Diego, where a handful are scattered through the city.

In Hawaii, they're considered an invasive species, thanks to how fast they grow.

But look at how stunning they are!

Those colors are thanks to the bark shedding. As the bark sheds, it reveals the bright green color. Over time, that color can age to blue, purple, orange, and a deep red.

They're a highly sought-after tree.

That's thanks to the pulpwood in it, aka the stuff we use to make paper.

Yup, that crisp paper we print meeting notes on may once have been a rainbow tree!