Mom Stages Truly Wild 'Tiger King' Photoshoot With Her Kids

For all of you who are quarantined at home and self-isolating, there's a pretty good possibility that you've seen Tiger King on Netflix. If you haven't, you should watch it ASAP because it's amazing.

The documentary series about zoo owner Joe Exotic and his vendetta against tiger sanctuary owner Carole Baskin is one for the books.

The episodes go from crazy to even crazier as the events that transpire leave viewers on the edge of their seats. It's like Making a Murderer meets Planet Earth meets General Hospital in terms of drama, and we cannot get enough.

People online have been "recreating" the iconic looks from the show.

Some parents have even dressed their kids up as the show's subjects including Joe, Carole, and even Jeff. And, some of them are too good not to share.

Mom Jennifer Lyn Holmes dressed both of her toddlers up as Joe and Carole and the outcome is fantastic.

Facebook l Jennifer Lyn Holmes

People online could not stop laughing at how on-point the photos and looks are.

Her son has the "Joe facial hair" down pat.

Facebook l Jennifer Lyn Holmes

And lets not forget those bullet-hole tattoos.

The tigers and steak are a fantastic touch.

Facebook l Jennifer Lyn Holmes

Two-day-old steaks from the local store. Epic.

And, you can't forget Joe's gun!

Facebook l Jennifer Lyn Holmes

This look is truly something. Truly.

And, as for her daughter, she made a perfect Carole.

Facebook l Jennifer Lyn Holmes

The flower crown makes this entire look come together flawlessly.

Let's not forget that vicious "smile."

Facebook l Jennifer Lyn Holmes

In real life, the show has sparked intrigue into the cold case disappearance of Carole's husband.

We can't thank these creative parents enough!

What better way to stay sane during this isolation time than seeing hilarious photos like this?!

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