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Fill Plastic Eggs With Mini Bottles Of Alcohol For A Boozy Adult Easter Egg Hunt

If you celebrate Easter, chances are you probably participated in quite a few Easter egg hunts in your youth. Fun fact: this is actually a longstanding tradition dating back as far as the late 16th century!

For some reason, these egg hunts are primarily put on just for children. I guess I can see it being a fun activity to occupy their time and wear them out so they get a nap in... but why did the fun have to end for adults?

You can keep the tradition of egg hunts alive and well into adulthood with booze-filled Easter eggs.

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Did your bunny ears perk up after seeing this picture?

All you have to do is get your hands on some plastic easter eggs and fill them with mini bottles of alcohol.

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Wine, whisky, vodka, rum — there are plenty of mini bottles at the store to put on an adult Easter egg hunt of epic proportions!

If you have extra room in there, consider adding some chocolate eggs or other candies that would pair perfectly with the accompanying alcohol.

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Fair warning: this might be the most intense Easter egg hunt you've ever participated in!

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