Color-Changing 'Ghost Plants' Are The Supernatural Succulent For Your Collection

I can't begin to tell you how unprepared you are for how cool ghost succulents are.

What's a ghost succulent, you ask? It's like a regular succulent with the color saturation turned way down. Let's check it out.

Meet the ghost succulent.

Reddit | thatquietgirl17

AKA Graptopetalum paraguayense. So, ghost succulent for short. It's a color-changing succulent, and it's a babe.

You can see why it's called a ghost — look at those veins! The pale pastel colors! The beauty of it all! I'm obsessed.

So, as I said: it's color-changing.


The color of it depends on what light it's in. If the succulent is in full sunlight, it takes on a yellow-pink color.

If it's in the shade, it takes on that ghost color!

I want one.

Etsy | JujuSucculents

And thanks to the helpful plant community on Etsy, I can get one! And you can, too! There' are tons of ghost succulent options on there, including cuttings of these cuties from JujuSucculents.

Look. At. This. Babe.

Etsy | solsucculents1

This one is "ghost pink" and I love her with my whole heart. You can buy the full plant from solsucculents1 on Etsy.

For full care instructions, check out this link!