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O.J. Simpson Says 'There's Not A Shred Of Doubt' That 'Tiger King' Star Carole Baskin Killed Her Husband

O.J. Simpson has taken to Twitter to accuse Tiger King star Carole Baskin of murdering her missing husband, Don Lewis.

The minute-long Twitter video shows the 72-year-old in his backyard speaking to his nearly 1 million followers.

Twitter | @TheRealOJ32

While discussing Tiger King, Simpson said: "White people! What's with you and wild animals?! Leave them animals alone!"

He then moved onto the topic of Carole Baskin's missing husband, Don Lewis.


"There's not a shred of doubt in my mind that that lady's husband is tiger sashimi right now," he remarked.

"I'm just saying," he laughed.

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