Teens Are Throwing Their Own Proms At Home After Schools Cancel Them

One of the things young people look forward to is celebrating the end of the school year with all their classmates. Unfortunately, many teens are now finding themselves dealing with the cancelations of their proms due to the coronavirus.

As heartbreaking as it may seem to these teens, some of them are deciding to wear their outfits to pose for photoshoots so they can still enjoy themselves.

Kaia who lives in the country ended up showing off her beautiful dress she bought in a store for only $60 in a gorgeous outdoor photoshoot.

What a lovely idea!

When are you ever going to get away with wearing a pretty princess dress like this other than prom?

Twitter | @fantasylandkid

Well, when prom is canceled you end up doing this instead.

When Wayne's senior prom got canceled, his family decided to still throw one for him at home.

The whole family got dressed up and celebrated in style. Wow, how awesome!

This is what happens when you've got somebody really special in your life.

This guy didn't want his girl to miss out on prom so they got dressed up anyway.

When your whole family is in quarantine and your prom gets canceled, naturally you throw one at home.

Bonus points for dad dancing with his daughter. Ah, so sweet.

At least you can still show your perfect dress to the world online, even if prom is canceled.

Love this color on her! I'm sure she'll be able to wear it to a special event one day.

Even Ellen DeGeneres asked teens to send her their pics of them wearing their prom outfits now that their proms got canceled and a lot of them happily obliged.

At least you can show your dress off to Ellen!

This beautiful girl gave her grandparents the ultimate surprise when she showed up wearing her gorgeous gown.

They saw it through their window since they're in quarantine. Such a sweet gesture.

I gotta give these teens props for not letting canceled prom get to them.

Instead, they still had an awesome time wearing their prom outfits with pictures to treasure.