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Pillsbury's New Monkey Bread And Garlic Butter Pull-Apart Bites Are The Ultimate Comfort Food

I know comfort food is traditionally like a fall or winter thing, but with everything going on right now, we could seriously use an extension into spring.

Pillsbury just came out with a new product that makes making comfort food so much easier, too.

When you think of comfort food, there are a few classic recipes that come to mind.

Mac and cheese, potatoes, meatloaf, extra cheesy pasta, anything fried, chips, chili, pretty much anything warm and bad for you.

And I'll tell you something. If any food brand knows how to do comfort food right, it's Pillsbury.

I mean, their mascot is a DOUGH boy for crying out loud! They know carbs = comfort.

Instagrammer @rednecksnackandfood spotted Pillsbury's most comfort food item to date.

Instagram | @rednecksnackandfood

Behold: Pull-Apart Bites.

Pillsbury hooked us up with both sweet and savory options, because comfort food doesn't just exist in one category, okay?

We've got Monkey bread on the left, and Garlic Butter bread on the right.

Instagram | @rednecksnackandfood

The best part is that the boxes come with all the ingredients you need, so you'll be able to chow down in no time.

Find them at Walmart.