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Heartwarming Pics Show Therapy Dog Doing His Best To Comfort Quarantined Seniors

One of the hardest hit groups in this age of pandemic is the elderly. It's not only that the virus itself and the disease it causes, but also the very important measures required to protect them from that very virus.

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Older folks living on their own are struggling to get basic supplies without risking their health.

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While necessities and aid may be easier to come by for those in longterm care homes, the dangers of the virus are multiplied through the close quarters.

This has resulted in strict quarantines that can only increase the amount of loneliness and isolation many seniors feel on a regular basis.

The essential on-site staff do their best, but a lack of visitors for an extended period of time is hard on mental health.

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Like most senior centers, Cedar Pointe Health and Wellness Suites in Texas has locked down, but their regular therapy dog Tonka is still visiting — just from outside the windows.

While dogs aren't carriers of the virus themselves, it's still not safe for Tonka to go inside.

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Pets and cuddles from everyone can result in germs collecting in his fur, and his handler Susan wouldn't be able to go in with him.

Residents posted signs in their windows to show how much they missed him.

Courtney Leigh via GMA

And while he couldn't sniff or cuddle, he could still say hello and brighten their day a little bit.

It's a small thing, but it let the residents know they aren't alone.

"It was heartwarming to see the look on the faces of the elderly when they were surprised to see Tonka in their window," Susan told The Dodo. "When they would put their hands up against the window it brought a few tears."

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