Museum Challenges People To Recreate Famous Paintings While They're Stuck At Home

Now that many of us are either stuck at home due to our physical workspaces being closed or being forced into quarantine, we might be looking for something fun to do. So if you're looking for an activity, I've got just the idea for you.

The Getty Museum challenged people to recreate famous works of art using ordinary objects found around the house, and the results are pretty hilarious.

Here's an easy recreation of "Girl With A Pearl Earring" by Vermeer.

Twitter | @LieLauwers

I think anybody can do this one quite nicely. I would like to see other people's versions of this painting.

Oh wow, how clever is this remake?

Twitter | @Samcornwell

It's so cool how they have almost the same exact set-up here. Let's hope the black eye isn't real, though. LOL!

No horse, no problem.

Twitter | @GettyMuseum

Looks like this person still made the best out of what they had anyway. I kinda like their rendition, too. Isn't this so creative?

How cool is it that this lady's surroundings actually resemble the painting's surroundings so perfectly?

Twitter | @GettyMuseum

She even has an old-school desk here. And, bonus points for the doggo.

Ha, ha! I dunno what exactly is going on with this "Lot and His Daughters" by Orazio Gentilesschi painting, but this is a pretty accurate modern take on it.

Twitter | @jen_lindstrom

Don't you think?

Looks like people are really having a ton of fun with this museum challenge and I gotta say, this one is totally cracking me up.

Twitter | @yahoolifestyle

Isn't this hilarious? I love it when people get their pets involved!

And just when I thought I couldn't possibly laugh any harder, I stumbled upon this.

Twitter | @Filh0o0

ROTFL! How did they even get the dog to pose like that? Absolutely priceless.

Wow, talk about some dedication to art here.

Facebook | Jean Gritsfeldt

This guy really took this painting to heart and did such a fantastic take on it. Right?

If you've got a blanket, some leather gloves, and a striking pose you, too, can pull off something like this.

Twitter | @GettyMuseum

I think this is totally doable. What do you think?

Is it just me or do you also think this resemblance to Frida Khalo is uncanny?

Twitter | @KolsPenney

Huh? This lady is really rocking that unibrow to a T. Thumbs up!

Oh wow, who knew there were hipsters even back in the day. LOL!

Twitter | @thisisfisk

This guy does this painting total justice here in this funny recreation. This is really amazing.

It's all in the facial expressions, isn't it?

Twitter | @sallywisebain

And, I gotta say, these guys totally nailed it here. I dunno which version is funnier. Ha, ha, ha!

I cannot get over how similar these two pictures look. They literally recreated this painting's scene to a T.

Twitter | @Woollards

I gotta say, this one is pretty dang impressive.

You, too, can be a modern heroine.

Twitter | @GettyMuseum

Your weapons might be different but your attitude is what counts. You show them, girl. I'm totally digging this recreation here haha.

The three food groups: canned tuna, cheese, and olive oil.

Twitter | @GettyMuseum

Hey, the challenge was to use three things you have in your home to recreate the famous painting. Checkmate!

It's all about perspective, isn't it?

Twitter | @GettyMuseum

Ha, ha, ha! I love how much fun people are having with this cool exercise. This may be a different feel but that's alright.

The Virgin, Saint Elizabeth, and the Infants John the Baptist and Christ... but now with more unicorns.

Twitter | @GettyMuseum

No kidding here. LOL! Why is everybody so serious, though? Huh?

Talk about a modern twist on this painting.

Twitter | @GettyMuseum

Oh, how much things have changed, eh? I dunno, I still like it old-school. Nothing beats that in my mind.

Can you relate to this? I guess what Campbell's soup was to that generation then, is what Xanax is to this one.

Twitter | @GettyMuseum

Are we just a tad stressed out or what?

OMG, this recreation of "Dogs Playing Poker" is absolutely hilarious.

Twitter | @BellsDesign

How this guy pulled this off is totally amazing. This one is definitely my favorite piece.

Talk about being really creative here.

Twitter | @VivaLaSudani23

This Bansky recreation is giving me all the cool feels. I dunno how he did it but I really like this, too.

Wow, these people really put some thought into recreating this famous painting.

Ha, ha! Nice touch with the sleeping bag here. Now my question is, "Is her bump real?"

This is such a fun challenge that everybody can get on board with.

Quick, look up your favorite painting and make your own version of it for all to see.