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Dolly Parton Will Read Bedtime Stories For Your Kids (And For You) Online

While most of us are stuck at home, it can be tough to entertain our children while still having the time to actually get done what needs to be done. It can also get a little lonely, especially for those who are home by themselves. Dolly Parton's got a solution!

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Dolly Parton is famously incredibly passionate about literacy for children.

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Dolly's Imagination Library has been helping families who are struggling to get books for their children for 25 years. They send any child who signs up for the service one book a month until they start school.

Dolly is now launching *GoodNight With Dolly* on March 31st at 7pm.

Goodnight With Dolly will air once a week, and will involve Dolly herself reading a book out loud from her Imagination Library every time to read to your kids, or just to you, if you feel like tuning in.

“This is something I have been wanting to do for quite a while, but the timing never felt quite right," Dolly said of the project.

“I think it is pretty clear that now is the time to share a story and to share some love," she continued. "It is an honor for me to share the incredible talent of these authors and illustrators."

"They make us smile, they make us laugh, and they make us think."

You can watch the promo for Goodnight With Dolly right here!

I'm definitely going to be watching. Are you planning on tuning in? Let us know in the comments!