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Yes, You Can Actually Send A Bouquet Of Toilet Paper Rolls

There's a lot of things that we'll remember about 2020 so far, and one of those things is how people panic-bought hoards of toilet paper during the pandemic lockdowns. It might be one of the greatest mysteries to go down in history.

Arkansas florists from Blossom Events & Florist thought it would be funny to create toilet paper bouquets in honor of the news-making phenomenon.

According to WREG Memphis, the florists got the idea after stores began running out of the now-coveted bathroom item.

The bouquets look just like any other bouquet, except rolls of toilet paper have replaced the flowers.

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"Same element, same base of it, same concept. It has greenery. It has water, it has a vase, it has ribbon. Lots of mechanics on the inside. It took a lot of labor. You just can't make tissue paper look pretty. You just can't," owners David and Bart Faulkner told WREG.

What started off as a joke quickly turned into an actual business venture.

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And they don't come cheap! The shop is selling the bouquets for $75, the same price the shop charges for flowers.

If you're interested in lifting someone's spirits during this time, definitely check out their Instagram post and give them a ring!