Clever Eggshell Planters Make It Look Like They're Hatching Succulents

If you're a plant lover, you know the limit does not exist when it comes to plants. Maybe you see a new plant that calls out to you that you just have to get, or maybe you spot a super cute planter that is just begging to be brought home and paired with the perfect plant.

These little egg planters are no egg-ception...


They're so tiny and adorable!

The clever eggshell design makes it look like they're hatching their very own succulents.


If only succulents were that easy to grow!

These ones by Etsy seller JOJODIYCRAFT are $20 and about 5cm all around.

There are plenty of funky designs all over Etsy.

Etsy | GardenBarn

This lineup by GardenBarn comes in a fun blue to bring a pop of color to your work desk.

A speckled design is perfect to bring a little more dimension to the solid white color of an egg.

Etsy | EclecticWondersUK

Find this cutie for $11.

Welp, looks like our succulent collection isn't dwindling anytime soon!

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