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A 'Tiger King' Crochet Pattern Actually Exists For People Who Want To Make Their Own Joe Exotic

Raise your hand if you binged Tiger King over the weekend. I'll let you know that my hand is definitely up and, to be honest, I'm still trying to comprehend what I watched exactly.

It looks like I'm not alone because Tiger King has taken over the internet and even made its way into the craft world. Just take a look at this Etsy store's timely crochet pattern.

By now, you've probably heard of Netflix's recent hit documentary *Tiger King*.

The seven-part mini-series chronicles the little-known world of private zoos in America. Filmed over a number of years, the series follows a number of zookeepers including the controversial Joe Exotic.

The show's success has spawned a ton of memes online and it didn't take long for people to make their own tributes to the show.

Etsy | craftyiscoolcrochet

Etsy store craftyiscoolcrochet even made their own crochet doll of Joe. They are selling the pattern online for anyone who wants to make their own Tiger King creation at home.

For $7.00, you can instantly download the 21-page pattern, which includes instructions for Joe's tiger as well.

Etsy | craftyiscoolcrochet

A few basic crochet techniques like crocheting in the round, construction, increasing and decreasing, and basic embroidery will be needed to finish this project.

Is this crochet project a bit random? Yes. Am I surprised that it exists? No.

Etsy | craftyiscoolcrochet

If you had told me six months ago that everyone would be obsessed with a Netflix show about tiger keepers, I wouldn't have believed you, but... here we are. What do you think of this unique crochet project?