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Fans Are Dragging Pharrell Williams For Asking Fans To Donate To Hospitals

Pharrell Williams may have written a song called "Happy", but his fans are anything but that right now.

In fact, they are busy tearing him to pieces over a tweet he posted to his fans, asking them to donate if they can to hospitals.

Pharrell Williams is one of the many celebs that are putting the word out there to fans to donate to important causes.

In this case, being hospitals that need supplies.

But fans are NOT taking kindly to being asked to do such a thing.

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They have a lot of feelings about it.

They basically are tired of celebs, who are worth millions, asking fans who are being laid off right now, to give away their money.

People really didn't take kindly.

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His comments are just...a mess.

But to be fair to Williams, we don't actually know whether he donated or not! So we can't judge.

But the point is: fans are tired of celebs posting links instead of just donating millions on their own.

What do you think about all of this?

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