Target Is Selling A Massive 20-Foot Waterslide For So Much Summer Fun

Remember Slip 'N Slides? Yeah, those long waterproof strips you put in the grass in your backyard. The slide that would have you accidentally belly-flopping onto, skidding your way to the end and developing bruises on your stomach in the shape of dirt patches in your backyard. Ahhhhh the memories...

Sounds like a lot of fun, right?

You clearly haven't been introduced to the Turbo Chute Water Slide.


It's a 20-foot waterslide that seriously gives Slip 'N Slide some major competiton!

You may be wondering where on earth a 20-foot slide will fit in your backyard, and it's true—you may have to ask a few neighbors to lend their backyard to the mission.


It's also great for the lake, but no guarantees it won't hurt on the way down!

Now, I'm not going to lie to you. It is pretty pricey.

It will cost you $550, but it does claim to be tear, fade, and puncture-resistant.

Does it help if I told you Target is selling them?

If this is exactly what your backyard needs this summer, grab it here.

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