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Terri Irwin Says Steve 'Would Have Worn Khaki' To Bindi's Wedding

When you picture Steve Irwin in your head, you probably think about a lot of things — his love for animals, his beautiful relationship with his family, his silly personality. I can guarantee that no matter what you think of first, your image of Steve Irwin is wearing his famous all khaki outfit.

Steve's daughter, Bindi, recently got married at the Australia Zoo.

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Bindi shared the news on her Instagram, writing, "We held a small ceremony and I married my best friend. There are no words to describe the amount of love and light in my heart right now."

Terri Irwin, Steve's wife, shared her theory on Steve wearing the iconic uniform to every important event.

"Remeber @RobertIrwin's first wedding," Terri captioned this shot of Steve holding baby Robert.

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"I love that Steve and Robert both wore khaki," she continued. "I know Steve would have worn khaki to Bindi and Chandler's wedding, too."

"I wish he could have been there to see the most special day in his daughter's life."

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"We miss him so much," the tweet ended.

Bindi shared the tweet to her Instagram page, writing, "Mum and Robert’s support has meant the world to me and Chandler during this special time in our lives."

"I had to share with you some of their kind words."

Instagram | @bindisueirwin

"I have happy tears. This is the true meaning of family and love," she wrote.

I have happy tears too, Bindi! Congratulations to you and Chandler!