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Call To Thank Grocery Store Workers Reminds Us Who's On The Front Lines

It's still staggering to think about how quickly it happened, but it's certainly clear that the global outbreak of COVID-19 has done a lot to change our way of life.

But while the measures required to protect each other from coronavirus are an adjustment for everyone, it's undeniable that this situation has been particularly hard on those whose professions are deemed essential.

When we think of those on the front lines of this pandemic, health care workers tend to come to mind. As well they should, both because the gravity of this situation is unprecedented for a lot of them and because the response from this sector in the wake of unfathomable stress and risk has been nothing short of inspiring.

But that's also true of another group of workers who people sadly tend to take for granted in normal circumstances.

When disaster looms, it's easy to forget how much harder the jobs of grocery store workers get.

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For instance, here we see the workload this Florida employee had on his hands after people cleared out the shelves in preparation for Hurricane Irma two years ago.

But this is an especially critical time for them because every day they now work is another day that they risk exposure to COVID-19.

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And as this becomes apparent, Twitter users are starting to recognize the important role that they play in helping us all survive while the virus remains a threat.

And that's why it's a good idea to carry on this same appreciation during your next trip to the grocery store.

As several users have pointed out, this habit of thanking the essential workers we meet should also extended to delivery drivers.

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And while this user runs down a good list of other unsung heroes who are considered essential workers, that list should also include custodial staff and truck drivers.

Of course, many truckers are working hard to stay isolated so they can keep doing their job, but if the opportunity to thank one presents itself, take it.

Some users have reported that they feel like hugging the grocery store workers they meet, though they recognize that they can't exactly do that right now.

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Still, some folks have found their own ways to show their appreciation. For instance, a little girl gave this cashier a little figure made out of twist-ties that she said would keep him safe.

He probably needed to disinfect that before he took it with him, but it was still a very sweet gesture.

Indeed, it seems that nobody knows how to thank grocery store workers quite like children do.

When this first-grade teacher held a class celebrating super heroes, one of her students felt that it was the perfect time to put this special costume on.

We're inclined to agree.

In the times we're seeing now, even little gestures like these truly mean a lot.

That's not only because of the risks involved and how much we depend on them, but also because as we can glean from this tweet, there's apparently no situation serious enough to make some customers stop being rude to them.