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Chris Hemsworth Shares His First Free Online Workout On Instagram For Anyone Stuck At Home

There's not a lot out there that could inspire me to do an entire, actual workout. I guess if maybe someone like Chris Hemsworth was there to guide me through it, I would do it, but there's no way in the world something like that is happening.


Chris Hemsworth is, obviously, incredibly fit.

Chris has stayed in amazing shape throughout his career, which is no doubt helped by his role as Thor in the Avengers franchise. He's also a workout buff, which definitely helps, if his Instagram content is anything to go by.

He recently announced that his workout app, Centr, would be providing free workouts for everyone stuck at home for six weeks.

The app not only has workouts provided and curated by Chris himself, but food plans, meditations, and tons of other modes of self-care. If you're interested, you can sign up here.

Fans were pretty excited.

Of course, not everyone was excited to actually DO the workouts alongside Chris, but it's probably a little bit of cardio just to watch the videos.

Chris has shared the first at-home workout on his Instagram, which you can enjoy right here.

"Haven’t seen any home workouts out lately, so wanted to be the first to get one out there," he wrote. "Here’s one from @centrfit and is part of our Centr 6 program. Hope you enjoy it."

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