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Starburst Launched Swirler Sticks So You Can Enjoy Two Of Your Fave Flavors At Once

Everyone has that one flavor of Starburst that they can't get enough of. For me, I have two: Strawberry and Cherry. Yes I AM that girl!

Starburst just made a pretty genius product for those who can't choose just one flavor to chomp on!

The company just released a new product called Swirlers.

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They're chewy sticks of two Starburst flavors combined together.

Each flavor is great on its own, but just imagine how powerful some of the flavors together can be.

They come in three flavors: Strawberry Orange, Lemon Cherry, and Strawberry Cherry, one that will be a personal fave of mine.

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Food Instagrammers like @candyhunting and @snackbetch have spotted the new release at Walmart, so get yours now!