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Chrissy Teigen Is Doing Fans A Favor By Solving Their Disputes On Twitter

Judge Chrissy is in session.

With her upcoming legal show Chrissy's Court coming out, Teigen is warming up that gavel!

She took to Twitter on Wednesday to do fans a favor by solving their disputes on Twitter.

And, of course, this led to hilarious results.

In addition to being a model, cookbook author, and TV host, Chrissy Teigen can now add "judge" to her resume.

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That's right.

Chrissy has her upcoming show on Quibi's streaming service called Chrissy’s Court.

In each episode, Teigen gets to be the judge over a small-claims case.

Like other judge shows on television, the people are real and the cases are real, so get ready.

Her mom, Pepper Thai, is even on the show as the court's bailiff!

We're not making this stuff up!

The show premieres on the streaming service on April 6, but until then, Teigen is getting her gavel warmed up.

On Wednesday, she took to Twitter to share that she wants to do fans a favor by solving their disputes on Twitter.

As you can imagine, this has led to HILARIOUS results.

When does it not when Chrissy is involved??

First up, was this person who had to know whether a hot dog is a sandwich or not.

Thank god Chrissy intervened. This is the kind of stuff that breaks up marriages.

Things got serious when she ordered jail time for this person's roommate.

With most people working from home these days due to the coronavirus, we expect to see a LOT of roommate disputes.

She even offered to pay for a reasonable solution in this case:

Does this garbage blocking the cabinet giving anyone else anxiety???

rips out hair

Chrissy is the cookbook author of 'Cravings,' so she was well-versed in dealing with food-related issues:

What kind of heathens are these to not use a butter dish?!

A covered butter dish is necessary. It's called class, people.

With this next dispute, Chrissy gave us an intense look into her own marriage:

If you can't properly Netflix & Chill with your fiancé, why are you even together??

With the toilet paper crisis around the world, there's been an upsurge of toilet paper funerals:

Speaking of toilet paper, Chrissy also solved the right way to put the toilet paper roll on.

According to her, it's with the toilet paper facing up! "we all know it’s A. don’t waste my time!!!" she wrote.

The proper way to eat Pringles is v. important.

Pringles even got involved in this dispute!

"Usually, there's no wrong way to eat Pringles...but who are we to disagree with the mayor?" they tweeted.

Believe it or not, there was a time that Teigen didn't have an answer for a dispute.

"I uhhhhh, do not think you are letting the radiation out but why not just hit stop/cancel so it's like it being done and the uhhhh radiation turns off I guess I don't [expletive] know," she responded.

So decisive.

Chrissy wanted to help this wedding family drama, but first, she needed more evidence:

The bride happily obliged. You can see the photo here.

This nightmare guest must be a Karen.

For one of her final disputes, Teigen dropped some mind-blowing knowledge:

How come we never thought of this??

Other celebs even got involved in this dispute.

Jenna Fisher from The Office tagged her BFF and former co-star to let her know that she's been eating STRING cheese wrong.

"Did you see this @AngelaKinsey ??? You string it!!" she wrote.

Angela responded with complete deviance by biting into the string cheese like a monster.


To catch Chrissy's Court, be sure to tune in April 6 on Quibi!