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10+ Celeb Names Fans Have Been Definitely Saying Wrong

With how much we know about celebs, you'd think that we'd at least get their names right!

Not always.

Here are 10+ celeb names fans have definitely been saying wrong.

Chrissy Teigen

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How you say it: Kris-eee Tee-gen

Correct pronunciation: Kris-eee Tie-gen

She was the one who had to set the record straight on how to properly pronounce her name.

“I’m tired of living this lie. It’s Tie-Gan, isn’t it mom?” she said in a Twitter video in September 2018.

Idina Menzel

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How you say it: Id-i-na Men-zel

Correct pronunciation: uh-dee-NUH min-zel.

John Travolta should have had a lesson in this before he completely butchered her name at the Oscars!


Instagram | @badgalriri

How you say it: Ree-AHHHH-nah

Correct pronunciation: Ree-AN-uh

The internet was in complete disarray when Rihanna said her name out loud and the world realized that they've been saying it wrong all this time.

Demi Moore

Instagram | @demimoore

How you say it: Dem-mee moo-r

Correct pronunciation: Duh-MEE Mor

Yes, it's like "Dummy." Her last name, although simple, is not even her real last name! She got it from her ex-husband.

Henry Cavill

Instagram | @henrycavill

How you say it: Hen-ree Cay-vill

Correct pronunciation: Hen-ree Cav-ill

To make things easier just call him Superman.

Charlize Theron

Instagram | @charlizeafrica

How you say it: Char-leez Te-ey-ron

Correct pronunciation: Shar-LEES THAIR-en

The South African actress has been fooling us for years!

Amanda Seyfried

Instagram | @mingey

How you say it: Amanda See-freed

Correct pronunciation: Uh-MAN-duh SIGH-fred

Forget the spelling; the actress's last name ends with a 'fred' instead of 'fried.'

Mm, now we're craving fried foods.

Idris Elba

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How you say it: Id-ris Il-ba

Correct pronunciation: ID-riss El-BAH

You may want too call him "Daddy," but he's married. So the least you can do is say his name right!

Emily Ratajkowski

Instagram | @emrata

How you say it: Emi-lee Rata-je-ko-was-ki

Correct pronunciation: Emi-lee Rah-tie-kof-sh-key

It's such a long name, so no wonder it's a tongue-twister. Thankfully, she goes by @emrata on social media.

Joaquin Phoenix

How you say it: Oa-Queen Fee-nih-ks

Correct pronunciation: Wah-KEEN FEE-niks

The 'J' is silent in his first name. If this is too much trouble, call him the Joker. He embodied the character so well, anyways.

Eva Mendes

Instagram | @evamendes

How you say it: Ee-va Men-dez

Correct pronunciation: A-va Men-dez

Yep, it's pronounced "Ava" not "Eva"! Mind. Blown.

Ariana Grande

How you say it: R-ee-ana Grahn-day

Correct pronunciation: R-ee-ana Gran-dee

Nope, her last name isn't like the Starbucks drink size!


Instagram | @zendaya

How you say it: Zen-die-a

Correct pronunciation: Zen-day-a

She once explained that her name means "to give thanks" in the Shona language.

"My dad had a thing for Z's and zen, so he helped name me Zendaya."

Isla Fisher

Instagram | @islafisher

How you say it: Is-la Fish-er

Correct pronunciation: EYE-la Fish-er

She's not Amy Adams and her name is not pronounced as it sounds!

Kaley Cuoco

Instagram | @kaleycuoco

How you say it: CAL-ey Ko-Ko

Correct pronunciation: KAY-lee Kwo-ko

You'd be kwo-ko to not pronounce the The Big Bang Theory alum's name correctly!