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Man Uses Homemade Sign To Thank Medical Workers For Saving Wife's Life

A New Jersey man has recently gone viral thanks to a heartwarming photo of him holding up a handmade sign to thank the medical staff responsible for saving his wife's life.

As Good Morning America reported, the unidentified man was pictured holding his sign outside the window of the emergency room at Morristown Medical Center in an effort to express his gratitude towards all staff inside.

Registered nurse Allison Swendsen snapped the photo and later shared it on Twitter.

"Thank you all in emergency for saving my wife's life," the man's sign reads. "I love you all."

In response to the sweet and heartfelt gesture, Allison captioned the post, "All the feels... I love my job!"

As Allison explained, her attention was drawn to the window when she heard someone knock against the glass.

Twitter | @allie211

"This man knew he couldn't come in but wanted to show some gratitude," she recalled, adding that he had "tears pouring down his face."

When asked how his wife is doing, the man responded, "Great, she's going home today. You're all amazing."

Allison said the moving gesture has definitely stuck out as a highlight of her career.

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“I don’t know him, I don’t know his wife, but throughout the last 13 years as a nurse I realized this is why we do it," she wrote. "Times are tough but we make a difference. I love my team."

It's unclear why the man's wife was hospitalized, but one thing is for sure: she's recovering, and he is supremely grateful for the entire staff at Morristown Medical.

Shay Vander Vliet, whose sister-in-law, Paige Van Der Vliet, works as a nurse at the same hospital, shared the same photo on Facebook.

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"[Paige] sent me this picture the other day and I feel like it needs to be seen as much as possible," she wrote alongside the photo, which as of writing has been shared nearly 60,000 times.

"Thank you, Paige, and ALL of the nurses and doctors, for your hard work and dedication, especially during this scary time."

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