Dax Shepard Wants To Be Cast As Joe Exotic From 'Tiger King' In A Biopic

Tiger King is currently streaming on Netflix, and it's doing its part in the world: scarring us forever.

But that doesn't stop people from watching it. Even celebs are obsessed with the show!

Like Dax Shepard.

'Tiger King' is out on Netflix, and it's the new thing to binge on the streaming service.

People are obsessed with the show and are extremely interested in the potential to have a limited series of the show with celebs.

As for which celebs would star in that eventual series or biopic? Dax Shepard wants in.

He is putting his name in the hat via Twitter, and all of his fans are on board.

In fact, an account called Photoshopped AF immediately put Shepard in the role!

The resemblance is ASTOUNDING!

I almost didn't realize that it was a different person.

What do you think about this dream casting?

Honestly, I would like to see it. Shepard would definitely give off the same vibes.

Let us know what you think below in the comments!