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Man Uses Drone To Deliver Toilet Paper To A Friend In Need During Quarantine

When the simple act of going outside can present a serious risk, life can get a lot more complicated. This would be the case even if people weren't stockpiling supplies, but we also know that this doesn't describe the world we're living in right now.

So yes, it's very clear that we're living in a stressful time, but that makes it all the more satisfying when people are able to find clever ways to help each other out.

And that's what is making the feat of careful piloting and planning that we're about to see in the full video all the more likely to put a smile on our faces.

This week, Ian Chan of San Francisco, California found himself in a pretty tight spot.

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As he tweeted, he was out of toilet paper and found that there wasn't any available for him on Amazon.

And since San Francisco is now under a shelter-in-place order until at least April 7, going out to get some is a last resort at best.

Fortunately, there was one factor on Chan's side: His buddy happens to be an avid drone racer.

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Not only that, but it seems that this friend, David Chen, had a roll to spare and attached it to a long line that dangled from his drone.

It's unclear how long it took Chen's drone to arrive from across the city, but Chan described this delivery as "speedy."

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And as we'll see in the full video, the pilot did not appear to sacrifice care for this speed because we can see his drone make a lot of adjustments in its flight patterns to ensure the perfect approach.

Although the toilet paper roll doesn't quite swing into range at first, another pass allows Chan to get a good grip on the precious cargo.

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This part of the video led another Twitter user to plead with Chan to use scissors for this purpose next time as the force of his yank may have pulled the drone into the apartment.

To that, he cheekily replied that then he'd have a free drone.

Fortunately, the delivery went without incident and Chan got his toilet paper.

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Both in the video and the accompanying tweet, he expressed his thanks to Chen and told him that he owed him one.

If you'd like to see the delivery in action, it's right here in the full video.

Chan also released another clip that showed the journey from both his and the drone's perspective, which can be found here.