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5+ Parents Who Threw Screen Time Rules Out The Window

You may or may not be familiar with the American Academy of Pediatrics' guidelines and recommendations for screen time use for children. Basically, they recommend as little screen time as possible with rules surrounding each screen in your home, from TV screens to tablets and phones.

But now that kids are home and parents need to work, the screen time limit does not exist.

For the first time in awhile, parents actually WANT their kids to play video games.

This is unprecedented!

Parents are finding that a powerful force has taken over their body, causing them to be more flexible with their rules.

This is a different kind of chore kids could have never expected would happen in their lifetime.

It's going to be a tough adjustment when all is said and done, but for now, we won't think about that.

Soak all of this screen time up while you can, and beat yourself up later when you need glasses!

Heed this man's advice.

Don't bother. Or if you're like me, you couldn't bring yourself to check before, so nothing changes!

Yeah, sorry AAP.

I'm certain they understand.