Mandy Penn Photography

Newborns Dressed As The Cast Of 'Friends' Will Always Be There For You

You know what we need right now? Cute baby content. That was the goal for photographer Mandy Penn, who staged a Friends-themed baby photoshoot with her own friends!

She shared them to social media (and on her site) to bring a little cheer to our uncertain world. And trust me, it worked.

Meet Mandy Penn!

Mandy Penn Photography

She's a photographer and mom from Colorado Springs, Colorado, and she's a big Friends fan!

When a friend of hers had twins, they began hatching the idea for a photoshoot. I bet you can guess what theme they picked.

I'll be there for you...

They both turned out to be Friends fans, so they decided to just go for it.

Mandy shared the pictures on her [website], where she wrote up the sweetest blog post about the shoot! Let's check them out, shall we?

First up: baby Chandler!

Mandy Penn Photography

Could this be any more perfect? Mandy said that she had her incredibly talented friend, Danielle Shunk, build a picture-perfect replica of the iconic Central Perk couch. I am obsessed and low-key want one.

Here's Monica!

Mandy Penn Photography

Guys, That crocheted turkey is everything. It even has sunglasses! All of the crochet work was done by Mandy's incredibly talented friend, Denise.

We can't keep going without acknowledging those pint-sized cleaning supplies. Oh. My. Goodness.

You can't forget Ross!

Mandy Penn Photography

I am speechless at how perfect this is. The Frankie Says Relax t-shirt. The dinosaur bones. Fluffy Marcel! The G.I. Joe action figure Ross insisted Ben play with!

But the true masterpiece? The leather pants wrap and the baby powder.

Of course, we have Rachel!

Mandy Penn Photography

The crocheted Leia bonnet is the cutest thing I've ever seen, and I'm writing an article full of cute things.

I can't believe Mandy even included Rachel's ill-fated trifle and her cheerleading uniform!

Comin' in hot with Joey!

Mandy Penn Photography

How you doin'? Baby Joey has his own tiny pizza, his coveted giant foam finger, and of course a small version of Huggsy, Joey's beloved stuffed penguin.

I love that baby Joey has layers of wraps on, just like when Joey put on everything Chandler owned!

And last but not least, Princess Consuela Bananahammock.

Mandy Penn Photography

Sorry, I mean Phoebe. There are so many deep cut references here: the cab, the Christmas decoration, and smelly cat, to name a few.

The best one, though? The fire alarm that drove Pheobe insane one night!

They also did some sweet group shots.

Mandy Penn Photography

They're lobsters! He's her lobster! Mandy and her team went full Ross and Rachel with these amazing lobster outfits and caps, and I am dying over how sweet they are.

Who can forget these classic costumes?

Mandy Penn Photography

I'm personally a big fan of the holiday armadillo outfit, because the armadillo is as big as the baby and that's just adorable.

It's not the holidays if you don't have the holiday armadillo, Santa, and Supergirl!

Come on ladies, now let's get in formation.

Mandy Penn Photography

Remember the episode where Monica, Phoebe, and Rachel all tried on wedding dresses and sat around drinking beer in them? Mandy and her team did, resulting in a truly iconic picture.

Appreciation post for the set and backdrop!

Mandy Penn Photography

Mandy had a lot of help from her friends, which is perfectly on theme. Along with Danielle and Denise, she recruited Melissa to help with baby poses, as well as Paige to hold them!

Of course, we have to do the big group shot.

Mandy Penn Photography

So, it turns out that the turkey is a tiny bonnet, which is mind-blowing.

I hope this group of babies grows up to be the best of friends in real life!

And, of course, shout out to the babies!

Mandy made sure to credit each baby and their happy parents for participating in such an incredible and uplifting photoshoot. This is exactly the kind of goodness we need right now!

Be sure to check out more of Mandy's work at Mandy Penn Photography.