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Engaged Couple Poses With Corona Beers And Toilet Paper For 'Moove The Date' Photos

As many people know, the coronavirus pandemic has caused a lot of mayhem globally. Around the world, the virus is spreading rapidly. In an attempt to "flatten the curve," businesses are closing, people are being quarantined, and many are doing their best to practice social distancing.

For couples who planned a beautiful and magical wedding in the upcoming months, things are a bit troublesome.

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Many couples are postponing their weddings due to the ongoing push to practice social distancing and avoid spreading the virus even more.

While many couples are heartbroken, others are trying to find some brightness in these dark times.

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Alyson Brown and Christopher Heroux are two people who know how to make the best of a bad situation. They contacted photographer Jessi Kittrell of Happy Acres Photography when their wedding was postponed.

In their recent photoshoot called "Moove the Date," the couple shared their announcement with their friends and family in a unique way.

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Featuring — you guessed it — a cow, the couple told their guests their wedding would be postponed due to the pandemic.

The photos, which are beautifully taken on a farm, feature some big ticket items.

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From Kleenex to Coronas with lime, this couple sure knows how to pack a big message into one photo.

Their sign truly does say it all.

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The sign reads: "This is some real BULL. CORONA postponed our WEDDING."

It goes on to say, "'When life gives you lemons, add beer and a lime', said no bride ever."

The photoshoot has gained popularity all over social media, with over 4,000 shares on Facebook.

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Jessi shared the photo shoot on the Happy Acres Photography's Facebook page and people are absolutely loving the originality behind the shoot.

Many people loved the way they turned lemons into... a photoshoot for the books.

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Many were sorry the couple had to move their wedding date, but loved their sense of humor.

"So sorry they had to moove the date but glad they have a sense of humor! This is a PERFECT photoshoot. Stay healthy & blessings to their marriage," Jessi said in a Facebook post.

All in all, it seems like this was best way to tell everyone about their big change.

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What better way to make memories than to have photos to show your kids and your grandkids for years to come?

We're also sorry they had to "moove" their date...

But we love that they were able to find some smiles in the situation. We wish the couple a happy future wedding date and a lifelong, happy marriage!

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