Couple Forced To Cancel Wedding Over Coronavirus Throws One For Chocolate Bunnies Instead

It's a given that the Coronavirus has totally changed the way we do things.

Unfortunately, that means many couples have had to forgo their weddings. For some, it means postponing. For others? It means getting pretty creative.

Meet Mark Burton.

Twitter | @thaispicytravel

He's a travel blogger living in Bangkok, Thailand with his fiancée, Frankie.

The two were set to wed this year in the U.K., where they're currently based. Thanks to the global pandemic we're in, however, that didn't end up happening.

They still had some things left over, however.

Flickr | eduard43

Including party favors! Like (for example) over one hundred tiny chocolate bunnies.

What were two bored people to do while stuck at home with a hundred bunnies and access to social media?

Have fun with them, duh.

"Whilst we’re working from home on some pretty weird hours, we have an abundance of two things:

  1. Bunnies
  2. Time So we decided to stage some recreations – mainly to stop us just scoffing the whole lot of them." He wrote on his blog.

First up was the bunny wedding.

"Frankie being much more creative than me managed to fashion some outfits for the bride and groom and an order of service for the registrar."

Let's all take a moment to appreciate the tiny decorations on the bunny's veil. True artistry.

Luckily, no one minded the matching outfits.

Twitter | @thaispicytravel

"It’s a bit awkward that all the guests are wearing the same as the bride but it didn’t cause a big scene, thankfully."

It's so good to know that the bride wasn't a bridezilla. Bunnyzilla? Let's workshop it.

He posted the wedding to social media.

In these uncertain and frankly weird times, stories like this keep us going. Mark, Frankie, and their bunnies quickly went viral on Twitter — and rightly so! Have you ever seen something so cute that you also want to eat?

People LOVED the story.

I am Carrie and Carrie is me. There is no way those bunnies would have lasted 5 minutes after I hung up the phone to finish cancelling the wedding. No. Way.

But wait, there's more!

Twitter | @thaispicytravel

"After the wedding, it was time to high tail it out of the venue on a custom-built and not at all dusty Ark that we absolutely did not find in the loft."

You have to have a reception, after all!

Don't worry, they practiced social distancing.

Twitter | @thaispicytravel

"And as the government dictates, they maintained a safe social distance of two bunny metres at all times."

Please practice safe bunny distancing, you guys! And only eat two at a time.

Mark posted even more bunny adventures after that.

I mean, how can you have 100 chocolate bunnies and not throw a bunny Olympics? I get the feeling the bunnies would be pretty good at the long jump, but not great at volleyball.

He was really grateful for all the support.

Wholesome content like this is exactly what we need in this world! People gave him even more suggestions for what to do with the bunnies, so keep an eye out just in case a bunny rock concert suddenly crops up.