11+ Beautiful Tattoo Designs That Celebrate 'Girl Moms'

There is a special bond that is formed between a mother and child. That is a fact. But when a woman has a daughter of her own, it's that mutual understanding that usually keeps them even closer.

So it's no surprise that some moms choose to celebrate their love for their daughters with a unique tattoo. If that's what you're considering I've got some beautiful designs for you to keep in mind.

1. This Simple Rose

Such a wonderful and simple idea to honor your daughter when you get a beautiful rose tattoo like this. This tattoo placement works great, too.

2. These Loving Hands

This is the type of tattoo one can get right after the birth of their child. This is such a sweet idea, isn't it?

3. These Butterflies

Oh, this is such a gorgeous idea for a mom and daughter to get done together. Butterflies are so lovely and feminine. Such a fantastic design, too.

4. This Subtle Name Tat

Not everybody is entirely comfortable with getting a big and elaborate tattoo, but as this example clearly shows, there are more subtle options out there.

5. This Bee

Oh my goodness, isn't this the most adorable tattoo idea? What a creative design. I'm blown away by the detail on this bee and love the writing.

6. This Intricate Design

On the other hand, if you're looking for an intricate design to celebrate the birth of your daughter, look no further than this idea. How fantastic is that?

7. This Elephant Duo

Is it just me or are elephant tattoos the best? I definitely think so. This design is giving me all the good feels here indeed.

8. This Child's Drawing

Okay, confession time? Would you let your kid draw on your skin and then get it tattoed? I think it's a bit risky. Hee, hee.

9. This Adorable Design

There's something so adorable about getting a cartoonish type of tattoo to celebrate your bond with your daughter. This is absolutely lovely. Don't you think?

10. These Lovely Hearts

Here's another example of a simple yet straight to the point mother-daughter tattoo idea. I adore the simplicity of this design and the feeling behind it.

11. This Pretty Gesture

Keep your child close to your heart at all times. This tattoo does that and more. Such pretty calligraphy here, too. This is really sweet.

12. This "Lion King"-Inspired Tattoo

Looks like this lady has taken a page out of The Lion King to showcase the special bond she shares with her daughter.

13. This Gorgeous Design

Wow, I gotta say how impressed I am with this beautiful design. This whole tattoo vibe is so sweet and special. I'm really loving this.

I've always wanted to get a tattoo to honor my mom.

That would be a lovely idea. These moms took that extra step to solidify their bond with their daughters.