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You Can Buy A Cheeky Doormat To Tell Your Visitors To Go And Social Distance

Sick of hearing about social distancing? I know. It's annoying that it still needs to be talked about, but it's because there are still plenty of people out and about who just haven't clued in to it yet.

If you're tired of telling people around you to "shoo," there's a doormat that should send the message on your behalf.

Unless you put a barbed wire fence around your whole property, you unfortunately won't be able to stop people who live in a different universe from showing up on your doorstep to have a visit.

It's a difficult time for every social person out there!

But this doormat is genius.

Etsy | BluCreativeCo

Etsy seller BluCreativeCo turned the classic insurance company jingle into a very timely home decor piece.

It's impossible to un-hear it when you read it!

You can either order a small or large mat, and have a choice between a coir or woven mat.

Etsy | BluCreativeCo

I guess everyone has their preference! For me, they're just painful no matter the course material.

It may not be the most welcoming doormat ever, but it definitely sends a message!

Get your own for $40 here.