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Sikh Temple Volunteers Work To Make 30,000 Meals For New Yorkers In Need

Although the destructive effects of the COVID-19 virus are clear and present throughout the world, the impact it's made on the world thus far has sadly proved even more complicated than the number of cases would suggest.

Although efforts to practice social distancing are essential to ensure that healthcare systems throughout the world aren't overrun more than they already are by rocketing infection rates, doing so comes at a great personal cost for many Americans who now find themselves without the means to support their families.

It's at times like these that our communities need all the help they can get. But if there's any solace we can take, it's in the fact that some are willing to step up and work hard to provide that help in seriously inspiring ways.

When times get difficult, the Sikh Center Temple in Queens Village, New York is a reliable comfort to its community.

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As ABC7 reported, it's common to see food being made in large quantities there, as the temple has always maintained a policy of providing free food to those in need.

For instance, here we see volunteers helping those who were put in a desperate situation by the government shutdown last year.

And it seems that their efforts have only ramped up further in the wake of New York City's particularly intense coronavirus outbreak.

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The city's Office of Emergency Management got into contact with United Sikhs director Hardial Singh, who began pooling together ingredients and volunteers to address the sudden need.

In total, 55 volunteers have come together with gloves and masks on to carefully prepare vegetarian meals.

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As ABC7 reported, their goal is to have 30,000 of these meals made by the end of the week.

Singh said that service like this is a part of the Sikh spirit.


As he went on to say, "So in a time of this crisis, I think they work with more energy."

Indeed, the volunteers have already shown some impressive initiative as 18,000 meals are already set to be delivered at the time of writing.

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Apparently, the city has already prepared a list of families that will receive these meals.

It also appears that the work of these volunteers will continue further depending on the need.

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