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The Sweetest Moments From Garth Brooks And Trisha Yearwood's Facebook Concert

While most of us are cooped up inside due to the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent self-isolation, we're missing out on some of our favorite things, like concerts. Some musicians have been getting around that creatively.

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Country music legends Garth Brooks and his wife Trisha Yearwood decided to livestream a concert on Facebook for everyone stuck at home.

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The concert drew over 5 million views, and actually crashed the streaming service due to its massive popularity, and it was all due to a fan suggesting Garth could put on a concert during his show Inside Studio G, to which he replied, "Let's do that! This will be cool."

The concert was filled with incredibly sweet and touching moments.

Like their cover of 'Shallow.'

A fan requested this Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper cover, and it was so moving despite the fact that neither artist was expecting that request to come in.

Or when, after covering 'Golden Ring,' Garth told Trisha, "Oh man, you're fun to sing with."

Facebook | Garth Brooks

The couple also reminisced about how, when they met, "we were writing letters, because we couldn’t email," and Trisha was still making her start in the music industry.

One of the most touching moments was when they were requested to perform a rendition of 'Amazing Grace.'

Facebook | Garth Brooks

While they started out performing the song as a duet, Garth eventually stopped singing and playing to let Trisha take on the song alone. Her powerful rendition moved him to tears.

You can watch the emotional cover for yourself right here.

"Love one another, God bless you, we're in this together," Garth and Trisha proclaimed at the end of the video, both audibly choked up.

What a beautiful moment that we're all lucky to be a part of!