15+ Tweets For Those Of Us Who Have Seen It All

Thank goodness for the internet at this time. Self-isolation really helps to expose how boring being stuck inside is, doesn't it?

However, thankfully, people have been taking to Twitter in an attempt to share their own hilarious struggles and moments of realization during these lonely, boring, and remarkably strange times! So, without further ado, please join me in distracting myself from the impending apocalypse with these 15+ tweets for those of us who have seen it all!

Relationship Building

Twitter | aschiavone

In fairness, other people's breathing is incredibly annoying, like, if you could just not, that'd be great!

Setting A High Standard

Twitter | AnecdtlBrthCtrl

"Your Dad has gone back to work now kids, so you know what that means!"

"We're having oatmeal?"


What's The Point?

Twitter | sarafcarter

You're not a hero just because you got dressed you know! Now, go get in your sweats like everyone else and stop being a dick.

Romance In A Time Of Quarantine

Twitter | Dave_Horwitz

People should be writing epic poems for one another while in this state of isolation, not sending thirsty DMs and unsolicited nudes!

You've Done It Again FedEx!

Twitter | andreasklinger

And you thought they knocked silently before quarantine! They'll be knocking even quieter now to try and avoid giving you your package.

These Are My Work Pajamas

Twitter | alyssalimp

Give it a week and then you won't even be bothered to change your pyjamas. We're headed for the end times here people.

Watching Car-Toons

Twitter | poutinesmoothie

Ah would you look at that, poor thing looks exhausted. What you need to do there is pop in some petrol and the car will flip in the air, it's tyres will swell big and small a few times, then it'll throw you a wink and disappear with a puff of smoke.

Let's Be Real

Twitter | betchesluvthis

If anything, not being able to go out and make a tit of myself by getting too drunk has improved my social standing!

Anywhere In The World!

Twitter | feistyoneme

I think I'd be more likely to catch a life-threatening illness going behind my fridge than anywhere in the world right now, goodness knows when I last cleaned behind there.

Do It For The Meme

Twitter | BriannaShrum

It is kind of telling that I read through those and actually thought, "Damn, 'thank f**k' would actually be one hell of an epitaph!"

The Triple Threat

Twitter | Kids_kubed

It's a miracle that you weren't rugby tackled by hazmat-ed security guards and thrown out of the shop!

Bring Your Pet To Work Day

Twitter | KyleThatKyle

Actually, now that I think about it, this whole situation is more like bring your work to pets day.

The Sad Truth

Twitter | cydbeer

"No, no son, not all of us bought hundreds of toilet rolls."

"But lots did though right?"

*Sighing — "Yes, yes, the bloody well did."

The Important Questions

Twitter | addie_huneycutt

For those of you who are wondering, Goofy is 6 feet tall. As for the mormon trampoline thing I'll leave that to you.

When The Boredom Really Sets In

Twitter | jillboard

It's like that scene in American Beauty, except the people watching the bag are crying because they want a McDonalds.

World Peace

Twitter | SJSchauer

Truly, those were special times, people partied freely in the streets and many alliances were formed. Those were the best of times.

Read The Room

Reddit | Melbreezy_

Seriously pollen, this is not the time to get jealous! I'm already scared of displaying any signs of sickness as it is!

What Stage Of Armageddon Are We At?

Twitter | IHunt

I don't think that we're at marauding warlords just yet. But, you know, each apocalypse to their own.

Weird Flex

Twitter | jessecase

I guess we should have really seen this one coming, shouldn't we?

Cats Vs Dogs

Twitter | andlikelaura

I am relishing the chance to be able to annoy the hell out of my cat, mainly just as payback for all the times she has annoyed me out of boredom.

Give Them A Raise!

Twitter | shondarhimes

It is amazing how quickly you can get lost when you're trying to teach a kid. I mean, where do you start? What information is important, and in what order do you teach it?

Prepare Yourself

Twitter | caitiedelaney

2020 is not playing around at this point. The new decade is looking to be an absolute doozy!

I Know You're Out There

Twitter | stephenszczerba

There should be a quarantining match system, where you put in how you're spending quarantine and it matches you with people to meet up with once this is all over.

Make A List

Twitter | marybethbarone

You could make a list of things that you're not keen on about each other... that should really make the time fly.

I Need More!

Twitter | GetShipped

How have you been spending your quarantine? Have you found out any new revelations about the people you live with since being trapped in with them? Let me know in the comments below if so!

Seeing Another Side To A Person

Twitter | inLaurasWords

My work mode is pretty much the same as my normal mode, miserable, sarcastic, and sighing a lot at other people. I only really have one gear if I'm honest.

Emergency C-Section

Twitter | selenamua_

Quarantine boredom has really hit some people a lot harder than others hasn't it?

Picture Day

Twitter | gabutch

It's good that this dad is giving his kids a discount from the extortionate prices that most school photographers charge.

The Ultimate Betrayal

Twitter | Saltymamas

How dare he. When one parent suffers the injustice of no naps, both parents should suffer!

A Matter of Comfort

Twitter | betchesluvthis

I will also not be combing my hair anymore, it can become a bird's nest for all I care.